Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cold weather, New books

First of all, thank you so much for the adds everyone! ♥ I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy reading my blog~

An artist I am really inspired by does a lot of drawing in a Moleskine book and I had been needing a good place to do my sketches... so I went on the hunt for one! In most stores it seemed the price was around $15-$17, but I wanted to hunt around a little online to see if maybe there was a better price somewhere. (Especially since I need to buy/rent textbooks soon!)

While searching, I ran across this amazing site called that had brand new Moleskine books for sale. And the one I wanted? Only $9.63 shipped!

It didn't take long to arrive, had tracking included, and was indeed in brand new condition:


So not only was it a great deal, but this site rents textbooks, allows you to sell textbooks to them, and sells other supplies along with Moleskine books for a great price! I am so thrilled and can't wait to start sketching away~ (For some reason I have been drawing like mad lately.)

Also, here is a picture of my little desk area:

Complete with pig incense holder and colored pencils/notebooks made from real plants. (My Moleskine is going to live in my backpack though! In its place I usually have a project I am working on or my mini cook book I'm compiling.)

The weather has done a 180° turn and now it's like fall~ It was sunny and hot for a few weeks but that seems to be over and done with as the clouds, rain, and cool weather set in. I don't mind too much though, as I can finally start layering up again. (Some days I felt like I was going to pass out from the heat, I'm really not used to it anymore!)

School is starting up in about a week which I have been preparing for (17 credits this quarter!) while trying to get rid of a stubborn cold that I've had for the past three days. I have also been doing some fall cleaning and going through the closets, under the bed, and all the places stuff likes to hide. Now everything has an organized place, plus I whittled 6 giant moving boxes of random things down to three organized tubs.

I have so much to do in this next week and so little time! Plus there are a bunch of birthday celebrations coming up which I am excited for, especially since I did all of my present shopping very early this year. ♥

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