Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Golden Year

It has been so long since I have blogged! School has started so I have been super busy with 16 credits. Plus, there were a ton of birthdays in the last week so we were out celebrating a lot! (5 birthdays in one week, including mine!)

This year is my golden year, so I am hoping for good things to come. Even though the week leading up to my birthday was filled with restaurants, karaoke, going to the arcade, getting crepes, and taking purikura, my birthday was a nice and mellow day filled with fun things~

I woke up and made some oatmeal while watching part of Ponyo and in the early afternoon my boyfriend and I went downtown to watch The Lion King (but not in 3D!). That movie is very nostalgic for me and I was so young when I last saw it... so seeing it on a big screen was wonderful and really special. ♥

While running to our next activity,  we passed a place I had never heard of called Red Mango... Honestly, it was the toppings that caught my eye, they had mochi pieces as an option! So we stopped for some frozen yogurt and it was DELICIOUS.

I had pomegranate frozen yogurt with mochi pieces and m&m's. I had never heard of Red Mango before that day but apparently they are all over! Which is great but also dangerous, as I don't know if I will ever be able to pass up that place. Plus, the girl working there was so sweet and really liked all the colorful things I wore and wished me a happy birthday!

For a treat, I had set up an appointment for a haircut the day before. It had actually been far too long since I last had one (over a year?) and I never seemed to have the time... So my boyfriend's friend's boyfriend (sounds so complicated!) who is an experienced hair stylist made an appointment for me and, what I didn't expect was, he made it complimentary! I will be seeing him from now on though because he gave me the best hair cut I have had in a very long time, but it was such a nice surprise! It was so relaxing too, and my boyfriend was able to sit with us and we all had a great time talking and hanging out during the appointment. I felt so refreshed and relaxed afterward~

After that, we went back downtown and took some purikura together. ♥ Ever since that particular machine was installed we actually never had taken pictures of just us (although all of the group ones we have been in turned out hilarious!). So that was nice and it has my birthday as the date which is a nice way to remember the day~

Some of the gifts I received were some new pens and paintbrushes, two beautiful mori-esque necklaces, cream knitted fingerless gloves, a sailor mars doll and fairy kei heart broach made by my friends, a little twin stars bag (pictured in my last LookBook post), and this...

I nearly died when I saw this! My Little Pony FiM is one of my favorite things currently and they all look so cute in the display box. n------n

My boyfriend also got me this little mori-esque mini pouch which I had been longing for! I will include a photo of it in my next update. Until then! ♥

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