Monday, September 5, 2011

Blank Pages Ahead

I like many different things. I made this blog because despite the fact that I love bright colors, energetic music, rainbows, crazy clothes, and toys... I also love natural, earthy, and subdued things. I wanted a place to write about my little adventures in life and the treasures I find. While I'm not entirely sure what will become of this blog, I am looking forward to working on it and putting together this + that to make something enjoyable.

To start, here are some photos of my only and favorite lolita dress. When I spotted this some time ago and then had the chance to purchase for an extremely reasonable price, I found it quickly became one of my favorite pieces to my wardrobe.

Generally I dress casual, although I really love the Japanese fashions decora, fairy kei, and morigirl, and I enjoy dressing in those styles when I can. Even though I love lots of colors and fun things, morigirl really appeals to me because it makes me feel very peaceful (plus bundling up in lots of layers and earth tones because I live in a cool area). I plan on doing the MoriGirl Meme that has been traveling around next time!

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