Sunday, September 18, 2011

So much sugar!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I were taken to the fair for a birthday celebration from his brother and sister-in-law~

Between the four of us we shared so much food! I had bits of funnel cake, pirozhki, and cotton candy. (A LOT of cotton candy. I think the maker messed up and made too much because I wanted pink and blue... and they made too much pink, so after the blue was added the cone wound being almost two feet tall! It was a much bigger portion than the bags, which were almost double in price... we felt so sick after eating it though haha.)

We mostly walked around as opposed to going on rides and playing games. We also got to see the horses, cows, pigs, goats, and llamas - plus we got to pet and hold the cutest bunny! My boyfriend bought me a beautiful dream catcher right before we were leaving, and luckily we avoided the rain that started to pick up near the end. I was exhausted when we got home, but all in all it was a very fun day!

Since I have had a pesky cold for a while, I've been watching my sick movies over and over a lot each night. Kiki's Delivery Service was always put on when I was younger and had a cold, and it still is one of my favorite movies - especially when I am not feeling good! So when the images below showed up on my Tumblr I got so excited to see that this incredible blog made a ton of foods from Ghibli movies in a collection called 3 Days of Ghibli Feast!

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