Sunday, October 30, 2011


I usually keep things of this nature off this blog, but I am so excited I had to share! Plus I wanted to recommend a truly amazing jeweler and shop, Headless Tess DIY!

Even though I love nature/earthy things, bright colors are one of my favorite things in the world~ Plus I love stars, cats, and shiny things, so when HeadlessTessDIY sent this incredible gift of a necklace to me, it was a dream come true!

Photos taken from Headless Tess DIY's shop

And they sent extras! They included some candy and a very amusing note~

What made me even more ecstatic is that the pendent is shimmery! It has by far become one of my favorite necklaces~

Their shop has a huge variety of handmade necklaces with all kinds of styles as well as rings, hair goods, and more! I really recommend checking them out - their jewelery is beautifully made and incredibly sturdy!

One more thing I wanted to share was some of my Polly Pocket houses that I had since I was little. I really think it was toys like these which caused me to fall in love with super colorful things!

I really wouldn't be against living in a town like this... hehe!

I will be putting up mori-esque post tomorrow~ thank you for sticking with me and all of the bright colors!

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