Monday, October 10, 2011

Favorite One Review

A while ago I purchased some clothing from a Mori-like shop that I adore and am really inspired by: Favorite One.

The person I spoke to through email was very kind and flexible: the gave me various shipping quotes (which wasn't that expensive!) and were very sweet and happy to work with me ordering internationally. Not only that but the package arrived promptly and everything was packed up very nicely!

The clothes are just like the photos, very beautiful and nice quality. The heart dress material was a bit thinner and darker than I imagined/pictured (I lighten up my photos for softer colors so it's darker in person) but I still adore it! I have not taken any photos in these outfits yet as the end of summer was pretty hot, but now that the weather has cooled I will take some very soon~

Happy October and stay warm! ♥

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