Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fruits and Flowers

Hello new followers! Thank you so much for reading my blog, I hope you enjoy it!

I have been pretty busy with school, work, and sewing/crafting projects but I will be making a post with more substance after this weekend~! In the mean time, here is some photography:

This was from August when our garden was in full bloom. Everything that grew had been planted by the person who last lived here and there was a large variety of beautiful flowers! I do not know many flower names (which is something I hope to change soon) but these were a beautiful color~

I started snacking on Starfruit lately and oddly enough I had never actually tried it before this fall: and the taste was quite a surprise! I was expecting something soft and sweet but it almost tasted like a green apple (I'm not sure if I didn't let it ripen enough or something, or if that's normal) but it was very light, crunchy, and delicious. They are very healthy and are packed with a good dose of Vitamin C to help stay healthy from all those fall colds going around!
Other than that we have been making delicious oven roasted yams and roasted pumpkin seeds which have been wonderful to eat with the super chilly weather. And lastly, we carved a pumpkin a little early this year!

It's a little goofy but it works haha!


  1. Wow, I love starfruit! Nobody ever mentions it, but the taste is so refreshing <3

  2. Your pumpkin is so cute! I feel jealous every time someone posts a carved pumpkin photo. My country doesn't produce pumpkins because it's hot here. :(

    I've never tried starfruit either. You have a lot of interesting food there! XD

  3. @Rhiannon: I am happy to hear you are a starfruit lover! After only trying it once I am completely hooked, it definitely deserves more praise for being so delicious!

    @Valerie: Hehe thank you very much! It was done in a hurry so I am glad you enjoy its slightly lopsided mouth. xD I am very sorry that your country doesn't have pumpkins or starfruit! I hope one day you can try them~ (and carve a pumpkin of your own n-n)