Monday, October 3, 2011

A Wayward Soul

I find this movie is very relevant during many different intervals in my life. Now is definitely one of those times.

Rarely does life go in the direction we imagine. I never notice those little bumps in the road until I go over them and sometimes I feel the need to make a sharp, difficult turn in a new direction. In fact, I find that the decisions I suddenly make from only a feeling wind up be the best choices for me, as opposed to spending a long time wondering if it would be the right thing to do: I never get anywhere thinking like that and I tend to go in circles. It has always been the best for me to make the choice first, prepare and create security after. When something feels absolutely right I get that overwhelming feeling of needing to make it happen because it's the right time and it must be done.

For my entire life I wondered what the right direction in life for me was. I tried a bunch of different things and while I really appreciate the knowledge and skills I have collected over the years, there was still something missing. A few weeks ago I finally had that epiphany and everything became clear. It's going to be a difficult road but I know it's the right one.

This is going to be a little vague for now and I will resume writing about lighthearted things as always, but I had wanted to organize this feeling and these thoughts somewhere. I have already begun preparing for a lot of changes that will happen in the near future and even though I have some time before going in this new direction, I will be ready.

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