Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bundling By The Ocean

Hello everyone! Is it cold where you are? The weather has dropped a lot recently and it is so chilly outside! Not that I mind too much because it is so nice to be able to wear lots of layers again~!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Pike's Place market which was a lot of fun. We browsed around, snacked on the free samples (such delicious fruit!), and bought pear apples, an entire fresh challah for $5, a raspberry scone for him and chocolate crinkle cookie for me from my favorite bakery, and little snacks for lunch!

I have some pictures to share~

First is my outfit from yesterday:

I had to wear a ton of layers to keep warm, especially since it is so cold by the water. So while inside all I needed was a simple dress with a skirt and blouse underneath, outside I had to add on sweaters and knits!

Next is a proper photo of the birthday gift from my boyfriend, complete with a little Susuwatari charm. ♥

I love the patterns~

So cute!

Right before we left I wanted to stop off at the Piroshky bakery since I am new to trying them (as of this summer!) and wanted to have it again.

So many different kinds!

I wound up getting a mushroom, potato, and onion one, and it did not disappoint! It was SO good! I really need to look into learning how to make them~

That is all for now~ Have a lovely rest of your weekend! ♥


  1. Aww, I do love that makkurokurosuke charm ("makkurokurosuke"...what a mouthful!) <3 I have a Totoro one from the same set :)

    What country are you from, by the way...?

  2. Hello Rhiannon! Isn't Ghibli merchandise the cutest? :D That is so cute you have a Totoro charm from the set! Do you have any pictures of it?

    I am from the US! How about yourself? I also want to say I adore your blog and am going to be following it from now on. Your entries are very inspirational! <3