Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wintery Thoughts

Hello everyone! It has been a while huh?

I hope everyone who celebrated had a fantastic Thanksgiving and are keeping warm as winter sets in~ It has been in the high 30s/low 40s where I live! It has been raining more which I love, but seeing my breath in my apartment isn't so fun.

In any case, I wanted to start off my mentioning that to everyone who has left me comments here, thank you very much for writing! I respond to each and every one however I don't think Blogspot sends notifications to the original commenter? So if you asked me a question or want to see my reply please do check back. ♥

I have a few random photos to share today, including this brief outfit shot:


It has been so chilly I need to wear two pairs of warm leggings and long sleeve shirts under my dresses! I have been enjoying wearing natural colors and flowy things while bundling up, it is so comfortable~ I also got a new creme scarf on sale which will probably make an appearance the next time I post an outfit photo.

Next, I want to chat about a delicious dish we made recently! It is super duper healthy and also completely vegetarian!


Portobello mushrooms filled with diced onion and tomato, feta cheese, and topped with spinach leaves. I think we baked them for about 20 minutes at 250° but I can't quite remember~ You can honestly put how much of whatever you want in them, and they are so delicious! We saw them pre-made at the supermarket but it was a lot cheaper to buy the ingredients separately. (And it allowed us to make them how we want!)

It's a great fall dish and it helps having something yummy and hot to eat that's nutritious.

I have been taking pictures of foods nonstop lately, so my next post will probably have lots of food photos and babble!

A couple of more pictures:

My little white table with some earthy things~ colored pencils made out of branches, a book entirely made out of leaves, and my Mori pouch present. n-n

Two blue eggs! They were a gift to my family from someone who had their own chickens. I loved the color of the blue ones - they were a little more blue in person, and so beautiful~

Lastly, a picture from my bus stop in the late afternoon. Very cold and rainy, but so pretty despite that!

That's all for now~ ♥

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