Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Onepi-c Review

For the holidays I decided to place an order for a couple of warm things I had been wanting for ages from the beautiful webshop, Onepi-c!

It was incredibly easy ordering from them. They even held my order until the other item I wanted came back in stock! Everything was well packed, shipped promptly, and overall it was a great experience~ I bought two things, a knitted over-sized sweater and a beautiful part sweater, part lace/layers outer piece.

My outfit today! I adore the over-sized sweater, it kept me so warm in this chilly weather. I will take a photo of the other piece I ordered soon!


  1. Have you ordered directly from Rakuten or have you gone through a shopping service? The shipping fees were expensive? Did you have customs fees?
    The sweater is very cute, I hesitated to order the same.
    I placed an order on Wonder Rocket, with a shopping service , I will do a review as soon as it arrived.
    I love your shoes, they looks cute.

    1. Hello there Shéris! I ordered directly through Rakuten, although Onepi-c was able to answer my questions in English. :) The shipping fees were pretty normal (it was around 2000¥ for EMS to the US) and you can ask them for other shipping options and prices as well! As for a custom fee, I did not have one but I live in the US and generally I don't get custom fees from Japan, so I cannot say for other countries I'm afraid. ;;

      That is very exciting you ordered from Wonder Rocket, they have such beautiful clothing~ I would love to see your review! And thank you so much! For some reason it was difficult for me to find comfortable flat shoes that worked with Mori style but I was finally able to last Autumn. Thank you for the compliment!