Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow and things

So here I was all ready to write an entry about the snow Washington has been having lately, but while I was going through my Blog reading list I was shocked to discover... I won a giveaway. And it is a giveaway from an artist who really inspires me and whose art I have loved for a very long time, Valerie Chua of !

My heart literally skipped a beat when I looked at the winning numbers and saw my name. The prize is a custom illustration of the winner, which is so incredible that I cannot put my joy and excitement into words properly. This is such a dream come true!!

It has really lifted my spirits too, because I have been snowed in for three days. Even though I love the sight of it, it is difficult being snowed in- especially when we did not prepare for it (every snow prediction this winter has been false so far) and did not buy enough food in advance.

I took the following photos before the snow started getting really heavy. Even though it can be inconvenient, I really love the snow~

When the sun started setting on the first day the skies got clearer, and it was beautiful outside~
Now everything is buried under snow and cloudy skies again!

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