Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tea Time

Hello everyone! I cannot believe January is almost over~ Time sure does fly!

The snow has finally melted here. It went away so fast that now it feels like it never even snowed. Nothing much has been going on lately for me aside from school and work. I do have a couple of reviews I really need to get to this weekend, I am sorry for not updating very much lately!

But today, I wanted to share a couple of things. First, a wonderful .gif collection site called Twinklechan Pixel Art. I actually love using .gifs on my blogs and this site is like a dream come true! So now you may find some itty bitty creatures in my entries once in a while, like the little Totoro above. ♥

Next up is something very useful: a fantastic tea guide!

Found on the one and only Tumblr!
If you open the Link in a new tab/window you can see a slightly bigger version of it. I am so excited to try some, especially the Study Time and Sleepy Time.

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