Friday, February 17, 2012

February Work

Wow I have been busy lately! Midterms, projects, working, and getting ready for a very big move we have coming up. All of these things have been taking up my free time so I haven't been able to blog! Let's see if I can make up for lost time a bit~

To start, have an outfit post!


The outer piece is the other item I purchased from Onepi-c and I love it so much~ The way it was made (with beautiful layers) make it is warm enough to keep the cold away but it doesn't get *too* warm, so it works with different temperatures!

I also did a bit of crafting, nothing too complicated but it was something I have been needing to do for a while. Repainting a picture frame!

I have had this frame for a very long time, but I never really liked the color (it didn't look right in any room)

So, I took a bit of acrylic paint and some spray-on sealant, and volá! It now looks very nice in our apartment, and I found the perfect spot for it. Now I just need to put a photo inside.

I also wanted to share something I bought around Christmas which I love~ It's a little glass candle holder with rolling hills, spindly trees, and a little house decorating it. I find it very relaxing for some reason~ it looks prettier with a lit candle in person though. (The candle inside is Tulip scented, but to me it smells like Plumeria.)

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