Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shopping Spree!

Happy March everyone! I have been so busy lately with everything, especially the big move we are in the midst of. I will make a separate entry about in a bit but for now, I want to talk about cute stationary things!

Back in December I needed to get some stickers for my new 2012 planner and luckily one of my favorite online sellers Miyi33 had an active Spree going on at the time! She picks up some incredibly adorable items and the first time I shopped with her I bought the cutest passport holder in the world. ♥

She periodically has a Spree where you can choose among the items that are currently available. They are very reasonable and her packaging is wonderful! She mainly updates with a Spree on her LiveJournal (where you can also see photos of some of the cute things she picked up in the past) although she does have some items available at her Ecrater shop as well! Also, you can sign up for her Mailing list by leaving your email address here for updates on new items~

Also! If you plan on ordering from her, she said she would love to give the first 3 people who mention my username KnittedRainbow a generous 15% discount off their items in case any lovely readers would like some cute stationary items! ♥

Here is what I went for:

Along with the stickers, she had some adorable Little Prince notebooks that I couldn't resist either! I love the art on them, it's such a beautiful style~

I love using these cute day-by-day stickers in my planner. It makes the events and memories I wrote down even more fun to look back on with cute little pictures beside them! This was two separate packs of stickers, each containing 5-6 big sheets.

That's all for now! I can't wait until spring and it starts to get warmer, brrr!


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