Friday, July 6, 2012

New Beginnings

Totally figures that after I finish writing up my first post in months, I accidentally delete my post because of my confusion with the new blogger style! x0x Oops!

Anyway, hello! It has been a while! These last two months have been absolutely crazy~ I moved from Washington to California (Los Angeles) because of an opportunity for my desired future career: becoming a dietitian. It has been very, very hard leaving Washington and I really miss my friends and the area a lot... (I keep getting melancholy about it!) Not to mention, completely uprooting my life and starting from scratch has been incredibly overwhelming. But, I got to LA in once piece and even though I have a long way to go to get my life back in order, things are going very well so far. I am slowly getting to know the area and have been able to do some fun things since moving here.

Here is what our car looked like on the drive down, stuffed to the gills!

After we got settled in a bit, we bought this lovely table and chair set from a really kind woman who was moving to France at the end of the month.

The beach! Filled with soft sand and beautiful sunsets~ Although the water is colder than ice!

And lastly, we have two new little additions to our family...

Meet Rammus (right) and Sona (left), our new Netherland Dwarf Bunnies! We had been wanting to own rabbits for a very long time but since we had demanding schedules and a big move coming up, we wanted until the time was right. And after moving, we discussed it and decided now was that time! And I cannot express how much these two make my heart melt all the time with their unbearable cuteness. ;;

That's all for now! I recently organized my computer so I will start putting up a ton of reviews and photos, especially of our new bunnies! ♥


  1. Bunnies! Bunny bunny bunny... So cute! Miss you~!

    1. Bunnies!!! So mischievous~ they like getting into trouble. x3 I miss you too! I'm finally playing catchup with life and can have a skype session together with you both soon~~~~ ♥