Saturday, July 7, 2012

Quietgirl Review & Contest Present

Nothing is better than a relaxing Saturday spent catching up on my studies, writing letters and drawing for my dearly missed friends, and listening to the Katamari soundtrack while our bunnies snooze around the livingroom~ ♥ And I can also finally update about something very special!

Back in January (oh gosh it has been so long since then) I participated in a contest held by Valerie Chua of Quiet Girl. It was for a custom art piece of the winner in their fashion of choice, which was a dream for me because I adored her beautiful art style for a very, very long time~ So an opportunity to own something so personal and special was too exciting to hope for!

When the winners were announced, I literally stared at my screen for a few minutes after seeing my name as the winning number. I could not believe it. I was in complete shock, immediately wondering if someone had the same name as me? (I never win anything, it had to be a mistake!) It took a while for the realization and excitement to finally kick in! She was so sweet and kind, and after we worked out the details I waited excitedly to see her beautiful art piece~

When she was finished, she made an extremely lovely post which actually made me blush like mad ...I honestly did not feel worthy of such kind words(!) and, since I had wanted to order a set of her gorgeous postcards when they were back in stock, she sent me the painting along with my order.

When the package arrived, it took all of my patience to slowly and carefully open it.


The postcard set, which I framed~ it is beyond gorgeous. ;;

And the finished art piece! I was (and still am!) over the moon with happiness~ I love it so much, and immediately framed it as well. It always makes me so happy every time I look at it, because never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could own an original piece by Valerie Chua, let alone something so personalized involving my favorite fashion.

All in all, ordering from the Quiet Girl Shop was a wonderful experience, and I still cannot thank Valerie Chua enough for doing something so special. Thank you for being such an inspiring person and artist!

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