Friday, August 3, 2012

Sugar Star Candies Review

Hello hello! Today I have a very long overdue review for a lovely shop: Sugar Star Candies!

I must say, SSC has some utterly adorable accessories. ♥

First up is the sweetest little broach~

 It is soft and fluffy with adorable beads, bows, and lace! It's my most favorite broach I own, and has been so carefully decorated with cute pastel colors~ Plus I can put it on bags as well as hair bands!

Next up, some super awesome amazing shorts~
So, I don't write about it much on my blog, but I'm a "bit" of a Pokemon fan... 


And the incredible Sugar Star Candies decorated some wonderful shorts for me!

Complete with... handsewn Pokemon patches!!

Magikarp Pocket Monster!

As if the Magikarp wasn't amazing enough, I swooned when I saw the back! The Eevee, Sandshrew with Pokeball, and Flareon are so cute. Everything was so well stitched too! They have survived tons of wear and washings.

All in all, Sugar Star Candies is absolutely lovely and makes such wonderful things! Plus she is super sweet and I had the pleasure of seeing her booth at Sakuracon in person where I could gaze at all the amazing things she has made! If you like cute and sweet accessories, definitely take a peek at her store. ♥

Here are her Storenvy, Etsy, Blog, and Tumblr sites. Go check her out!

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  1. adorable stuff you got there!