Friday, November 2, 2012

New and Proud Lushie!

Hello everyone! Today I have a different sort of post I wanted to write~ It is about something I have recently become head-over-heels in love with, and I really want to share it with you all: The wonderful handmade cosmetic company, LUSH!


Before moving to Los Angeles this past May, I had only heard about Lush on a few blogs and tumblrs. In December, I was given a bar of Sea Vegetable soap which I immediately loved, and was impressed to learn actually had real, natural plant ingredients in it! I then looked around at their website a bit and was really shocked to see the company prided itself in being as natural as possible. It looked good, but I was hesitant to buy anything else online because, despite the awesome return policy, I didn't really know where to begin or what else to try.

After moving to a hotter area, my skin started to freak out and dry up due to drastic weather and climate changes. Regular drugstore lotions were not helping at all, so I decided to visit my local Lush for the first time and see if they had anything that would help hydrate my skin better. And boy, did they ever! I walked away with a fantastic facial lotion, toner, and cleanser which I still swear by to this day, along with a wonderful mask sample. Immediately, I was hooked! After reading all the ingredients of the items I was buying in the store, I was eager to start using such amazing products that were as natural as could be. I loved the mask sample they gave me so much that I was scraping the last little bit out of the packaging as best I possibly could before going back and buying a big pot.

If you are not familiar with this incredible store, I'll try my best to sum up everything about it. It is a head to toe skin and hair care cosmetic company that has vegetarian (and often vegan) based, natural products. Yep, natural ingredients go into each and every item! It isn't a bluff like a lot of other companies that say they have natural ingredients when there is little to none or they are synthetic. With Lush, you are getting real plant-based ingredients. Not only that, but Lush makes sure everything is fresh and regularly rotates out products that are close to expiration, so you aren't using products that have been sitting on the shelves for years at a time!  

One thing that really made me happy is that Lush does not test on animals (in fact, they make large donations to help fight cosmetic animal testing), and they also make sure nothing within their products was tested on animals either. They purchase ingredients from all over the world, use actual organic products (they don't lie!), and everything is handmade- there is even a sticker on the packaging that shows who made it, when it was made, and when it expires. Their packaging is as minimal as possible AND recyclable. Plus, with their products, a little goes a long way so the majority of their items last a very long time and are really worth the price! Unlike other companies whose products are marked up because of the brand name or packaging, the more pricey Lush products are literally the creme de la creme of the shop, and involve rare, expensive ingredients and/or a lot of work and care to make them into special and very effective products. The prices are always worth the products value so you are not overpaying for excellent skin and hair care.

Aside from everything wonderful that Lush stands for, it also personally appeals to me because it relates to my love of Mori style: natural, pure, and earthy. Since there are such raw ingredients in their products, it is incredibly refreshing for me to pick up a soap bar that literally has leaves and fresh fig in it. I am in love more than words can describe!

Here are some of my top favorite products that I have used or am currently using and absolutely recommend! Lush has a ton of sweet-smelling items if that is your cup of tea, but I prefer more fresh, citrus, and earthy ones~ so I'll be reviewing my favorites of that type!

All photos in this post come straight from the LUSH website~

Here is the Sea Vegetable soap in all its glory! It smells absolutely wonderful and fresh with a perfect blend of lavender oils, coconut oils, seaweed, and sea salt. This soap has actually become a tranquility moment of the day for me, because after lathering it up in a loofah it smells so dreamy and relaxing that it forces me to just breathe and relax before starting a hectic day. The seaweed on top is a great exfoliant as well, and this soap lasts! I have been using a bar daily since May and it is still practically the same size. I want to try so many more (all of them!).

Facial cleansers! These are fantastic for washing your face daily, removing makeup, and hydrating the skin while fighting dryness and/or balancing oil production. There are a variety of facial cleansers (two of which are holiday exclusive), and each one offers something different. They are a clay base instead of being liquid (although they have those too) and are great for exfoliating: all you need to do is mix a dab of one with a bit of water and pinch it into more of a paste, then massage into the skin. I've used Angels on Bare Skin, Herbalism, and Dark Angels, all of which I love. Depending on the day and what my skin is doing, I change up which cleanser I use which really helps me have a great custom and flexible regimen that can keep up with skin changes! (This stuff lasts forever too, $6 worth takes me 2-3 months to use up!)

I first tried one their solid shampoos a few weeks ago, and now I feel like I have been missing out for ages! They last about 80 washes, lather up wonderfully (I get such thick suds that I can slick my hair up and it will hold), smell absolutely amazing, and are preservative free! There are different ones for all kinds of hair types, and they do have liquid shampoos (and a ton of conditioners and hair treatments) to choose from as well.

Now, my biggest guilty pleasure... Fresh face masks! These are my #1 favorite Lush item of all time. There are 9 different fresh masks, and they are all absolutely incredible. They all contain real foods and honestly work miracles for the skin. Plus, they are gentle enough to be used fairly often, whether coating your entire face or just dabbing a bit of one on troublesome spots. Cosmetic Warrior is one of my favorites because it really calms down my skin if it is breaking out and regulates oil control. Oh, and they all smell amazing (except Cosmetic Warrior because of the garlic, but it's not that bad and totally worth it), like fresh oatmeal with honey, blueberries, or chocolate cake!

Exfoliating masks and scrubs! Mask of Magnaminty was that mask I first mentioned that they gave me a sample of, and it is more wonderful than I can describe. It can also be used on the body as well and really helps calm down your skin, do a deep exfoliation, and get rid of breakouts. It doesn't have to be refrigerated and it smells so good because of the peppermint oil and honey- seriously, it is one of the most refreshing and relaxing things I have ever smelled. Ocean salt is a fantastic shower scrub that can be used on the face and body as well! It has a fresh, almost citrus-like scent, and two different sizes of sea salt: coarse and fine.

There are more products I love than these alone (shower jellies, massage bars, bath bombs, bubble bars, lip scrubs...) but I wanted to stick with my top favorites! Lush has anything you could possibly need and since it is such a wonderful and respectable company, they really deserve so much love for doing a natural approach with their products and ethics. If you haven't tried anything, I hope you will consider it! It doesn't take much to convert into a hard core Lushie.


  1. I've been a hardcore Lushie for almost two years now~ That store is absolutely spectacular!! I'm currently using Ocean Salt right now and am totally in love. *A* I even wore Cosmetic Warrior last night!

    My two recommendations for things to try in the future is the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask and Golden Wonder bath bomb! They're by far my new favourite obsessions~ I'm actually trying to get a job there since I seriously spend the majority of my money on Lush stuff sometimes. It would be great to just babble to people about their stuff all day, hehe.

    Love your blog, thank you for following mine! *A*

    1. Oooh that is wonderful! So you have seen the company transform over the years, and all the fun products that have come and gone~ It's so hard to not get addicted!

      Ocean Salt is simply amazing <3 I was finally able to try a sample of it and I plan on buying a pot for myself as soon as I can! And Cosmetic Warrior is so lovely and soothing~ still one of my favorites! Have you tried the Cupcake mask? I think that is my other favorite (although it's only the 4th one I've tried) as it instantly calms my skin down during stress or hormonal times. And the chocolate... *0*

      I was actually eying Catastrophe Cosmetic, but I was told it can be a little more rough on sensitive skin. (With Brazened Honey being the harshest.) My skin isn't sensitive per say, but sometimes it can get agitated/dry/breakout from certain makeups or products. What was it like after you used it? (I see most people going for BB Seaweed and Cupcake, so there are few I can ask. n-n;) And AHH GOLDEN WONDER IS THE BEST. It smells so so so good and the golden shimmers are absolutely beautiful~ I really recommend So White if you have the chance to try it and like the smell of apples. It's so yummy. *g* Oh and Sandy Santa if you haven't tried it and love scrubs. Your skin will be velvet, no joke. They are awfully addicting!

      Oooh I hope you can!! I actually started working for Lush in October since I fell in love so much with the company and products, and they were hiring for the holidays. If you want any tips or anything let me know because there are a few things that can really help, which a friend who started working over the summer told me! It is very enjoyable, especially getting to help people who want to start a new skin regimen and fix what their current products are not helping with. Lush improved my skin so much when other products never did, and I am so grateful for them~ It's just dangerous, because you wind up want to bring the whole store home with you even more... x3

      Thank you so much! n-n I likewise love yours too, and you are very welcome~ Sorry for such a long reply, I got a bit carried away because I love babbling about Lush. xD

  2. I love stepping inside Lush. Even from a distance I can already smell the strong fragrance from the store, ha ha! And I love the jelly soaps, they look good enough to eat.