Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello again!

It has been far too long since I have posted an update... Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good holiday and new year so far! This poor neglected blog, I have honestly been meaning to write for ages but I suppose since nothing interesting has been happening in my life, I didn't really have much to say for a while. (I have basically been uninspired and lacking creativity, ah!) Lately, I'm just working while waiting for my permanent residency to kick in this summer so I can begin school at a much lower cost, and that's... pretty much it! I will share a few photos today as well as a few other thoughts and things. n-n

The days have been rolling by~ The weather has been much warmer than I am used to in winter which is rather strange, but nice. Our bunnies have been doing well, as full of mischievous energy as ever! Everything is pretty calm, although we are in the process of moving again... so that has been rather stressful.

Other than that, I learned how to make sukiyaki! Which we have been indulging on quite often, because it's so delicious and easy~ I will take some photos next time and post the recipe I use too! I have also been getting nostalgia fever and wanting to re-watch all of my favorite childhood movies/series as well as surround myself with bright, happy colors in my living space and wardrobe. When I have some free time that isn't dedicated to apartment stuff or errands, I like to browse around for vintage toys and series, especially sanrio and lisa frank! I have been good about saving my money lately, but I did spring for an adorable and super inexpensive box off ebay a short while ago:

I used to have a diary with this print on it, but I don't know what happened to it. So when I randomly stumbled across this for such a good price I had to go for it! I needed another jewelry box as well (Although this is for pencils and erasers hehe), and this one is double layered!

I haven't been dressing up much lately because I wear all black to work, but when I went on a date with my boyfriend a while ago I finally put something nice on! (Sorry about the strange coloring~)

That is all for now~ I had been meaning to make it a habit to blog once every week on the same day, but my work schedule changes each week so it's hard to have a set time to do anything nowadays! I will continue to write though, so I will be back again.

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