Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Ni No Kuni has been out since January in the US, but I wasn't able to start playing it until today! And not only does it have new original and impeccable animation by Studio Ghibli, but it is an incredibly enjoyable game to boot!

 This game has such beautiful content that is true to Ghibli's unique style and as a bonus, the music was composed by Joe Hisaishi himself! So it is literally like being in one of their films with an ever-changing soundtrack. It is so mesmerizing, I hope they will continue to collaborate on future games~! There are so many breathtaking lands and quirky characters, plus the attention to detail is one of the best I have seen in any game.

 While playing as the main character, Oliver, there are so many little things that change. The lighting and shadowing on his clothes stay true to where the source of light is. His pace quickens and his steps shorten as he goes down stairs, but slow and elongate while running up a hill. He picks up a foot and briefly looks at it while standing still in water. And the list goes on and on. I find it difficult to pay attention to what I am doing at times because I find myself constantly distracted by all the little surprises in the characters and landscapes!

On top of the visual detail, the game is very involving as well. There is a lot to do and a lot going on in the content of the game, such as magic spells, finding familiars, reading stories, customizing characters... And, as always, waiting excitedly for the next Ghibli animation to take place!

 I adore Ni No Kuni, and I strongly recommend everyone to try it out. I feel it is the only game of its kind, and more of an experience than simply a game. ♥


  1. Why had not heard of this before!
    I really love Ghibli's productions! I wanna play this game now!
    So cute and Ghibli's style images!

    1. I hope you can play it as soon as possible! It is such a wonderful game ♥