Tuesday, October 15, 2013

ManiaQ Review!

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well! Temperatures have dropped so quickly and now it is nice and chilly outside! ♥ Have you been doing anything fun for October, or in the spirit of Halloween? So far I have been watching a lot of scary movies (and The Nightmare Before Christmas many times!), having lots of warm drinks, bundling up, and getting ready to make pumpkin bread and roasted pumpkin seeds!

Today I would like to share a short review~ For my birthday, I was able to place an order with a shop that is now one of my favorite stores: ManiaQ! This is my second time ordering from this shop and just like the first time it was an absolutely wonderful experience. They offer international shipping for a very reasonable price, are quick to respond to emails, and very friendly! Plus they make the cutest stuff!!

Here is everything I purchased! ManiaQ was very sweet and gave me little bags for all the individual items, all inside one big bag.

This was quite a surprise! I had seen the bunny cardigan on Tumblr (in lavender) some time ago and fell in love with it but there was no information about it, such as who made it or where it could be purchased. Little did I know that the day I randomly looked at ManiaQ it would be sitting on their site in pink! This is my first cardigan I have ever owned and I am absolutely in love with it. Plus it is very soft and gives just the right amount of warmth!

I have been dreaming of owning these tights for what feels like forever. Ever since I saw photos of them being worn online, I wished for the day I would be able to have a pair of my own. They are just as perfect as they look! The material is very durable, and the colors are solid and vibrant.

I also got a bow to match the skirt I bought from them the first time and it is so cute. Plus it suits my lavender Milky Planet dress perfectly, so I am very excited to wear them together!

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