Saturday, October 19, 2013

This is Halloween, Everybody Make a Scene!

Good morning! I have some time before work and I am so excited to share photos from Fairytale Boutique's Halloween Party that I want to write up an entry right away! I snapped some photos around the shop which was decorated so cutely and spookily.

There were a ton of yummy desserts, like sugar cookies, black + white cookies, and rice crispies treats, along with lots of fun activities like Automatic Honey being there, a witch-inspired lolita costume contest, and many raffles~! (We won one! The packet had lolita button, some candy, a witch ring, and pink hair bows inside. ♥)

Anyway, on to the photos!

Here is my outfit for the night:

Dream Sky!  
 It was so much fun wearing this outfit, but so different dressing in darker tones! Also, my new wig is from the lovely SoLolita~!

And lastly, a friend of my friend's was passing out adorable Halloween Cards! Thank you Aerial!!

Until next time~!

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