Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I just did a major overhaul on this blog and I am finally ready to start using it again.
There are a lot of thoughts and memories I want to write about in a more organized way, so I decided to change some things around and revamp this blog to suit my current interests a bit more.

I changed my username to match my other accounts. I also changed my blog's name to rainbow-moon-heart-ache which is an attack used by Super Sailor Moon (and my favorite name for an attack in the series). I have been on a huge Sailor Moon kick recently, what with the new anime, new collection pieces, and also my desire to indulge in nostalgic 90's anime. (I've been slowly making my way through Sailor Moon and Ranma 1/2 again recently!)

As for a list of things to come (mostly for my own reference):

☆ Vintage Toy Collection
☆ Sailor Moon Interior Love
☆ Bath Time Favorites
☆ Sailor Moon Collection
☆ Wardrobe/Jewelry
☆ Re-ment collection
☆ Hobonichi?
☆ Memories from Japan (multiple parts)
☆ Random photos I've been hoarding

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