Saturday, February 27, 2016

♡ Collection Post ♡

Hello hello! ☆彡
Last time I posted a quick video of part of my vintage toy collection but I always wanted to take some nice pictures of it as well!
After finally tidying up and having a bit more daylight available when I had time to take pictures, I was at last able to take some proper shots of my vintage toys and magical girl items I have on my shelves!

 Here is the overall look of the shelves! The top and middle shelves are filled with most of my vintage toy collection while the bottom has most of my magical girl items~!

(I apologize in advance about having to watermark every single picture. Recently some of my pictures have been getting stolen so I had to begin watermarking them.)

 Starting with the top shelf! Here is one of my most treasured possessions: the Sailor Moon Cutie Castle! The Cutie Castle line is one of my favorite SM toy series, but I wasn't able to get the big castle until a few years ago. Originally I intended to mainly use it for jewelry (some of my Cute Can Kill and Ciali in Kawaiiland things are still there!) but then I decorated it with a few MLP sparkle blind bag ponies and SMC Atsumete figures because they looked so cute with it! It also came with additional cute furniture and a gold castle top decoration but they are in storage to make room for everything. (That and the decoration was too tall for the shelf!)

 Here is a closeup of the Sailor Moon Atsumete figures! These are by far my favorite newer SM figurines that have been released, the details and poses are too cute!

 And the blind bag ponies, so cute and glittery! The stickers on the Cutie Castle are so adorable too, I love the art!

 Here I have a vintage jellybean YumYums bunny plush next to the new, smaller Japanese macaron YumYums bunny! The new release YumYums smell sooo good, like really fragrant candy! The vintage one is holding a star brooch from the Starlights Transformation Headset. Also displayed is one of my favorite purikuras with my boyfriend. ♡

On the other side is my vintage marshmallow YumYums bunny plush holding a Star Yell brooch, as well as a mint Magic Nursery Pet bunny plush holding my Tamagotchi P's! (My favorite Tamagotchi version, it is so much fun!) I also have a Creamy Mami mirror/comb compact and my other favorite purikura with my boyfriend here!

 My treasured white Shampoodle! She is a newer addition, I just got her last year~! I always wanted a white Shampoodle since I was little but it took me a quite few years to find her. (It is really hard to find them in good condition, since their light colors get damaged very easily!) Soon I will be decorating my Shampoodles with some cute accessories, I just need to find the right ones. ♡

 And my purple Shampoodle! So cute! When I was little this was one of my favorite toys and I still love the style and colors so much!

 Now on to the next shelf! Here I have some of my most favorite vintage items~♡

 Here are two of my most favorite plushies: an Ice Tickle Bunny and larger Japanese mint YumYums bear! I decorated them with accessories by Cute Can Kill, Strawberry Planet, and Spank!

 Over here are my little Pj Sparkles bunny plushies. I just got the pink one for Christmas and I hope to have a purple one someday too! I decorated the yellow one with the new Moon Stick chapstick, a Chibi Moon watch, and a head bow I got while in Japan. The pink one has a super cute bow ribbon made by Lila of Cute Can Kill, as are the heart badges displayed below! All of the dessert toys are from the Cupcake Dolls line, they turn into adorable furniture sets! The biggest one came with so many cute things like cupcakes and soda floats. ♡

Here is a Trendmasters Starcastle set! It came with a ton of cute little animals and is super sparkly. The colors on these toys are so perfect~ One day I would love one of the bigger tea sets!

 Over here are a bunch more Cupcake Doll playsets, plus one of the dolls in cupcake form! (The cherry one~!) My yellow Twinkle Bear sits over here as well with some accessories by Spank!

The vintage My Little Pony animals are some of my favorites, so super cute! I love the giraffe (and moose!) especially~☆

 On the lower shelf are a bunch of magical girl goods, mostly from Sailor Moon!

 When the pictures for the Sailor Moon Ichiban Kuji Lotto items appeared I immediately fell in love with this figure! The stars look like little jelly candies and it is so cute she is sitting on a moon. It is a fairly petite figure too, so she would fit perfectly on a bookshelf next to Sailor Moon manga!

 Here is an ARTFX Sakura figure! She is the second fancy figure I have ever purchased and I love her look so much! I especially love her hair, face, wings, and ruffles, the details are so perfect. Next to her is a Proplica Moon Stick! I have dreamed of owning one of these since I was very little and the quality of this one is amazing, it really is a work of art!

 The new line of Premium Bandai Sailor Moon items are an absolute dream come true!! I am in love with how beautiful these products are. Here is the Rainbow Moon Room Fragrance Chalice and Miracle Romance eau de toilette, which to my surprise smells lovely! I would use it every day but I don't want to waste it ahah~

 Over to this side is an Ultimate Madoka figure! She came with gorgeous wings but I couldn't fit her in this spot as easily with them on, so for now they live in the box. She is the first big fancy figure I have ever purchased and I love her so much, the details are incredible! I also have a necklace I bought at Fairytale Boutique displayed around the base because I thought they looked cute together.

 Above are some postcards and fliers by one of my favorite artist, Kira Imai, from Angelic Pretty! I love her dreamy sweet artwork the most, it is so magical! ☆

And lastly, my Sailor Moon lockets! They are all the new Moonlight Memory versions (still so so so happy they released a working star locket!) and are absolutely stunning! The transformation brooches have storage compartments underneath, I keep some treasured things in them.

Whew! That is everything! Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


  1. Hello!
    I love all the stuff on your shelves! I'm a 90s/80s vintage toy collector too, and a huuuge sailor moon fan, so everything here was wonderful to look at! I especially love the cupcake dolls playsets! ^o^

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for such a sweet comment! ♡ I am so happy to hear you enjoyed looking at the photos!

      Eeee that is awesome you also like collecting vintage 80s/90s toys and Sailor Moon! They are a lot of fun~ ☆彡 Aren't the cupcake doll playsets fun? They remind me a lot of Polly Pocket but with the added bonus of cute cakes and desserts~!

      Thank you again and have a great day!